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Twitter will not reinstate banned users without ‘clear process,’ Musk says


Banned accounts will not be allowed again on Twitter until the social media platform “has a clear process for doing so, ” Elon musk tweeted in the early hours of Wednesday, clarifying the potential return of twitter’s most famous banned user. , the former united states. President Donald Trump.

Creating such a process would take at least a few more weeks, musk tweeted. The new timeline means trump will not be back in time for the November 8 mid-term election.

Twitter users, advertisers, and their own employees have been watching closely for signs of what musk will do in his first week as a twitter owner. The tesla boss has previously said that Twitter should not ban users permanently and that he would reverse the ban on trump, who was suspended after the us capitol riot last year due to the risk of incitement to new violence.
Musk’s tweets came after he called out several civil rights organizations on Tuesday, including the color of change, the anti-defamation league, and the NAACP.

During the call, musk pledged to abide by twitter’s policies on content moderation and to uphold election integrity, the color of change president Rashad Robinson said in an interview.
Musk also reiterated in his tweet on Wednesday that Twitter will establish a content moderation council made up of representatives with “widely diverse opinions. “

the billionaire expressed during the call that he wanted civil society groups to join the council, Robinson said, adding that talks were still at an early stage.

Actions speak louder than words, he said. “the issues raised at this meeting were just the tip of the iceberg. “